Census of plant species in Pahou forest reserve

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24 June 2016
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List of plant species recorded during floristic inventory in Pahou forest reserve. A total of seven forest sites was identified.

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Gangnibo C., Gbètoho A.J., Aoudji A.K. and Ganglo C.J., 2014. Census of plant species in Bonou forest reserve (Southern Benin). Laboratory of Forest Sciences, FSA-UAC.


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Occurrence; Observation; Plant communities; forest sites; understorey


Charles Nounagnon Gangnibo
  • Originator
Laboratory of Forest Sciences
BP 1493 Abomey-Calavi
229 Abomey-Calavi
Alain Jaurès Gbètoho
  • Metadata Provider
Laboratory of Forest Sciences
BP 1493 Abomey-Calavi
229 Cotonou
Jean Cossi Ganglo
  • Point Of Contact
Laboratory of Forest Sciences
BP 1493 Abomey-Calavi
229 Abomey-Calavi
Augustin K. Aoudji
  • Author
Laboratory of Forest Sciences
BP: 1493
229 Abomey-Calavi
(229) 97481280

Geographic Coverage

Pahou forest reserve (Southern Benin)

Bounding Coordinates South West [6.369, 2.125], North East [6.381, 2.178]

Taxonomic Coverage

Malpighiales, Oxalidales, Sapindales, Alismatales, Magnoliales, Gentianales, Rosales, Lamiales, Arecales, Laurales, Asterales, Vitales, Commelinales, Caryophyllales, Fabales, Ericales, Malvales, Violales, Santalales, Piperales, Myrtales, Icacinales, Asparagales, Poales, Liliales, Ranunculales, Solanales, Capparales, Dilleniales, Celastrales, Polypodiales, Scrophulariales

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2003-07-14 / 2003-08-13

Bibliographic Citations

  1. AOUDJI, K. A., 2003. Phytosociologie appliquée à l’aménagement des forêts : cas du périmètre forestier de Pahou (Département de l’Atlantique). Thèse d’Ingénieur Agronome ; Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques. Université d’Abomey-Calavi ; 210 p.

Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers f0a99f2c-2670-4ae8-8b9f-8661e02a33a8